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March 24-27, 2014 | San Jose, California
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S4524 - Sparse LU Factorization on GPUs for Accelerating SPICE Simulation

Xiaoming Chen ( PhD candidate, Tsinghua University )
Xiaoming Chen
Xiaoming Chen received the BS degree from department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, in 2009, where he is currently working towards the Phd degree. His research interests include parallel EDA algorithms on CPUs and GPUs, and low power and reliability design methodologies of VLSI. He has published 17 papers and received 3 best paper nominations.

Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis (SPICE) simulators are widely used for transistor-level simulation in IC design and verification. The time cost of SPICE simulators is dominated by two parts: MOSFET model evaluation and the sparse linear solver. This session will talk about our work on GPU-based sparse LU factorization which is specially designed for SPICE simulation. In particular, we will introduce the challenges of mapping a sparse solver onto a GPU, our parallelization strategies of sparse LU factorization, and performance optimization approaches. Experimental results will be presented and discussed as well.

Session Level: Intermediate
Session Type: Talk
Tags: Numerical Algorithms & Libraries; Electronic Design Automation

Day: Wednesday, 03/26
Time: 09:30 - 09:55
Location: Room LL20D